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A job...a right job....which suits the skills, education and aptitude are many a job seeker's dream.

Employers always want to get the best people on board because the winning formula for any business is a GOOD TEAM.

As job-seekers many years back, we had to look at multiple places to find a new job or a better job – newspapers, job portals, company websites etc. We always wished there was ONE place ALL employers looking for candidates will post their vacancies.

And later in our careers, as employers, whenever we wanted to recruit people, the options were newspaper advertisements & references from friends. But the response was limited and there was not much choice of candidates. Most of the job portals charge a very high amount for job posting.

We felt the need for a job portal which is absolutely free.

JobSooq.com is intended to be a window to the world of opportunities for a job seeker.

For the employer, jobs can be posted for free. Featured employers can search our extensive database to find the right candidate.

For job seekers, we wish a great career ahead and for employers we wish great success in their business with a team of most suitable employees.

We enjoy knowing that we helped someone better themselves by bettering their current job situation. It is a great feeling knowing that we have the power to shape companies and shape lives.

Please let us know your suggestions to make your job or employee search an enjoyable experience.

JobSooq Team